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Wedding tips: learn how to pose for beautiful wedding photographs (part 1)

I spent three days at my gorgeous friend Zoe’s place two weekends ago on my way to Auckland to photograph a beautiful wedding.   A couple of days before the wedding, I had bought super talented photographer Cat Hepple’s book on posing people because so many couples I meet tell me they do not like posing in front of the camera and yet they do not know what to do if they are not directed into a pose.

Posing.  How can we help you, dear brides and grooms, with this difficult part of your beautiful day?  Keep reading, the answer is in this post.

When we are together, Zoe and I can’t help ourselves, we have to do a photo shoot of some sort.  Often, it is little Stella who plays our model and somewhat she always nails it, she has no problem whatsoever being in front of the camera.

Stella - hoola hoop-32

This got me thinking…. Kids are comfortable with themselves in front of the camera and us adults seem to have lost this ability.  All of us?  I wanted to check if, as a photographer and therefore exposed to posing people a lot, I could pose in front of the camera.  Knowing that Zoe loves taking photos, I asked her to photograph me while I would try and come up with a good pose.

Wow, how enlightening!! It was so difficult, I struggled, and couldn’t come up with a decent pose, or with a decent face because I was concentrating so much, as you can see below!

Stella - hoola hoop-74

So the answer is, if you want your wedding photographs to look natural and beautiful, you need to learn a few tricks and practice a little bit.  Look at blogs (for example, Magnolia Rouge and Style Me Pretty), search Pinterest for poses you like, and practice (it can actually be quite fun).  But don’t worry too much either, it’s also your photographer’s job to make sure they look after you on the day and direct your gently into the right poses that look totally natural.

So to help you with it, next week on the blog there will be a surprise for you – to do with posing of course.  I will see you next Monday then, make sure you’re there especially if you are getting married in the near future.

A bientot x


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