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Wedding dress inspiration: Elise Hameau, French designer

You’re engaged and all you can think about is your beautiful dress?  I would if I was getting married soon! So today I thought I would share some dresses by divine French wedding dress designer, Elise Hameau ( Like one of my lovely brides said the other day, “I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending Florence to any bride…having a bit of French romantic flair on the day can only be a great thing! ”  So I would say the same thing about a French wedding dress!! Elise Hameau’s dresses have a vintage and bohemian feel to them, with lace and flowing fabrics.  I particularly love the petticoat skirt and the lace top (last photo), it’s so feminine. Here are some of her dresses to inspire you when you are looking for a beautiful dress for your special day. Photos from or Pinterest Advertisements

Wedding inspiration: black and white photographs

As you may already know, I love black and white photography; it is so atmospheric, romantic and somewhat mysterious. In black and white, the less important elements of a scene, like busy backgrounds and unwanted details disappear and leave space for the important elements, like emotions, to shine through. Black and white wedding photographs always make the want to know more about the story behind them. Have you ever considered having your wedding photographed in black and white? Here are some B&W photographs of the weddings I have had the delight to capture.  Hopefully they will get you  inspired. Visit my website fotographie by florence charvin if you would like to see more black and white wedding photography throughout my portfolio.


wedding inspiration: feathers

I never thought of feathers as the main theme for a wedding, until I found these beautiful feathers dipped in gold paint, and I got all inspired Imagine… a beautiful wedding dress… feather garlands… a feather cake…. even a feather bouquet… you could go on and on on this theme.  So beautiful and dreamy.  Let your creativity speak!!